Dairymaster's objective Our objective is to be the world’s best. This is what the Dairymaster brand stands for: the “Master” of “Dairy” technology worldwide.

Building better products…

Dairymaster has attained international acclaim for manufacturing superior, hi-tech dairy equipment. Our product range incorporates Milking Equipment, Feeding Equipment, Automatic Manure Scrapers, Milk Cooling Tanks and Health & Fertility Monitoring Systems.

Experience the difference…

We introduce new ideas and technology to the Dairy Farming Industry. Farmers using our technology increase milk yield, reduce milking times, cuts energy costs, decrea


Innovation is key…

Innovation is vital in order to provide sustainable food to the world’s growing population. Not only is it vitally important but it’s also our responsibility. Dairymaster has filed for over 90 patents! Looking at the future and the challenges ahead motivates us to innovate and innovation inspires us to continue building better products.

Drive for success…

Our drive to succeed is strengthened by the popularity of our products all around the world. We place huge emphasis on Research and Development in order to provide the most technologically advanced, high performance equipment bringing optimum efficiency and utmost comfort for operator and cow.

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