Calf feeding equipment from Holm & Laue


Rearing calves is teamwork. We will work with you to find the right solution for your barn.


Modern feeding technology supports the natural and sustainable rearing of your calves.


Profitable calf rearing through cost-effective investments in modern technology.

Modern calf rearing for top performing calves

Technology in calf feeding supports you and your team to achieve your rearing goals. Whether calf feeders, MilkTaxi, modern animal weighing scales or calf barns with a healthy outdoor climate: you'll find the right product for you at Holm & Laue. We will be happy to support you, because we are both passionate about calves.


CalfExpert is a calf feeder that has been developed to meet the latest standards in calf feeding.

State-of-the-art feeding technology ensures that the milk for the calves is always freshly mixed.

It does not matter whether milk replacer or pasteurised whole milk is used.

CalfExpert prepares the milk automatically and individually for each animal.

You, as farmer, remain completely flexible in your work schedule while calves are fed 24/7.

The calf feeder takes your calf rearing management to a whole new level.

The MilkTaxi has revolutionised bucket feeding for calves. Whether individually in calf igloos or in groups in the calf barn, the MilkTaxi feeds your calves wherever they are. They can reliably mix milk replacer powder and gently heat or pasteurise whole milk.
At long last, there is no need to lug heavy buckets around. The manoeuvrable undercarriage will take care of transport to the calf pens for you. However, MilkTaxi doesn't just make your work easier. It makes feeding more accurate because you always feed your calves the right amount at the right temperature.
The MilkTaxi has gained more and more new functions over the course of time. For example, you can now even store feeding curves (Smart-ID) that are used to slowly and gently wean the calves. The connection to the CalfGuide management system gives you absolute control over the work processes in the calf barn and allows detailed documentation of the preparation and feeding of the calf milk.
And by the way, feeding with the MilkTaxi is a lot of fun.

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